Sunday, 25 May 2014

All sorts of developments  have been taking place in the 'rough patches' this spring!  We have a pair of French Partridges, pheasants, a grass snake...and visits from spotted fly-catchers, goldfinches, woodpeckers, sparrows, frogs and toads...the plants in the patches have not grown that tall yet, but teazels, docks, thistles, dogwood, wild roses, rushes,willow-herb, forget-me-not, jacob's ladder and  allium are all proliferating and providing excellent shelter for the beasts.  Cow-parsley has begun flowering and attracting insects for the spotted-flycatcher to feed on. The 'runways' between the patches are perfect places for birds and animals to 'hide' and explore the shorter grass for slugs, ants and worms. Hedge-sparrows are nesting in the denser patches of nettles.  The slightly more conventional bed nearer the house plays its part in this activity, being well stocked with plants attractive to insects and birds and affording more cover - the pheasant regularly suns himself on an old tree stump there!

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