Saturday, 15 August 2015

A Summer of Delights

A cool and largely dry summer has given rise to some variations in the patches, most of them delightful!  Not many honey-bees, but I'm seeing more now the willowherb is out.  Some flowering parsnips have added colour and height, and the grasses have been lovely.
The pathways between the tall patches are enticing, and I feel very much enclosed in nature as I loiter along.
It is liberating to be less tall than whole communities of surrounding wild plants - or 'weeds'- as though one was suddenly transformed into the size of an ant!
Suddenly, one's own appearance is of no importance whatsoever - there are no human viewers - and one is free to communicate in a totally different way with the surrounding beings, which after all are of incredible strength, beauty, variation, and lineage.  So I am lost in wonder, which is a healthy emotion for we humans!

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